Information About Our Dog Guardian Homes


Have you ever considered joining a guardian puppy program? Now’s your chance – with Sugar Plum Australian Labradoodles! 


As a PA-based breeder, we’re always looking for new families to provide loving, protective, and social dog guardian homes. Our dog guardian homes ensure that each of Sugar Plum’s breeding dogs enjoys a safe and happy permanent place to live. They’ll live as cherished pets of their guardian family both during their breeding period and after retirement. 


Many dog lovers will agree, puppies are best served when being raised by a family – not a kennel. For this reason and more, we chose to create a wonderful puppy guardian program for our fluffy family members. See if you qualify for our dog guardianship program, and learn more below!


Why Become a Guardian Home for Breeding Dogs?


Becoming a guardian home for breeding dogs is an invaluable opportunity for families who want a dog but may not have the funds to purchase one at the time! 


Agreeing to be in our guardian puppy program means that you’re given a pick-of-the-litter quality pooch – along with several costs covered by us! Sugar Plum handles all costs related to the program, while our guardian families are responsible only for the dog’s cost of living (food, regular veterinarian visits, etc.). 


The ideal type of guardian home for our breeding dogs are ones that agree to raise him/her as their family pet while allowing them to remain part of our cherished breeding stock. 


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How to Qualify for Our Guardian Puppy Program

Because these dogs are a special part of our family, evaluating homes for our guardian puppy program is a task we take seriously. We’re looking for families local to New Holland, PA, who will take excellent loving care of the puppy they’re given! 


There are a few requirements needed to be considered as a dog guardian home. These include the following:  


  • Families should have some flexibility in their daily schedules. We do not expect that our dogs/puppies would be alone for 8-10 hours per day.
  • Obedience training and regular grooming is required.
  • To produce the finest and healthiest puppies possible, quality feeding is paramount and our guardian families are an integral part of that process.



  • Must live within 1 hour of New Holland, PA.
  • Our girls will come stay with us starting 1 week prior to their due date and until the puppies are weaned at around 6-7 weeks old, but will be returned to you as quickly as possible. Her guardian family is welcome to visit Sugar Plum while she is here. Most of our girls will have 3-4 litters and be spayed and retired. After her retirement, you have fulfilled your contractual obligation so she stays with you forever and your commitment is complete.  



  • Must live within 30 minutes of New Holland, PA
  • Males have a much longer breeding career but do not need to stay at Sugar Plum for extended time periods as the females do. Usually, 1 week. When retired they will be neutered at our expense. After his retirement, you have fulfilled your contractual obligation so he stays with you forever and your commitment is complete.


If you or someone you know may be a good candidate for our guardian puppy program, please feel free to call or email us today!

Sign Up to Be a Dog Guardian Home Today!

If you can offer a loving, local home, we’d love to consider you for our guardian puppy program! As a small, local, family-owned company, we’re here to answer any questions you may have about our dogs, company or becoming a guardian home for breeding dogs. Ready to join the Sugar Plum family? Submit the short form on our contact page to request the next steps in your dog guardian home application! We look forward to hearing from you!