Upcoming Litters of Australian Labradoodle Puppies!

At Sugar Plum Australian Labradoodles, we believe in taking proper care and protecting the health of our breeding dogs. Because of this, we have only a select number of upcoming litters of puppies each year. With a limited number of family-raised dogs, you’ll want to reserve a puppy or follow us online to stay up-to-date with our upcoming litter announcements! 

All of the dogs in our Australian Labradoodle puppy litter spend their days outdoors, playing with children, socializing with other pups, and growing up to be healthy, well cared for companions. Explore our upcoming litters of Australian Labradoodles now or learn more about our puppy adoption process!


Expected Litters for Fall and Winter

Tiki and Duck - Reservation List: Open NOW

This will be a litter of mini’s (20-25 lbs) in creams, apricots and both chocolate and black phantoms. They will have wavy/straight fleece coats. This is a great match of nonfading parents. Both parents are loyal, sweet and very loving and we expect that in their puppies.

Breeding: August

Due Date: October

Go Home: December

Accepting Reservations
Wren and Apollo - Reservation List: Open NOW

This will be a litter of standards (50-74 lbs). We should see a rainbow of colors in this litter (chocolate, black, cream and apricot). The possibilities are endless with solid, white markings and parti in all these colors. You must be open to color for this litter. These puppies will have large bone structures like their parents. These puppies will be easy going and calm.

Breeding: End of June

Due Date: End of August

Go Home: End of October

Accepting Reservations
Ellie and ? - Reservation List: Open NOW

This will be a litter of mini’s. Ellie is 18 lbs. and we are looking for the perfect mini male to pair her with. Stay Tuned!!!


Breeding: Sept/Oct

Due Date: Nov/Dec

Go Home: Jan/Feb

Accepting Reservations
Willow and Winston - Reservation List: Open NOW

This will be a litter of Mediums (42-47 lbs) in both creams and chocolates. A huge thank you to Lewis Manor Labradoodles for allowing us to use their GORGEOUS boy Winson. These two are a perfect match for a litter of nicely structured adventurous pups! If you love to hike, walk or just go on fun adventures this is your litter! Both parents are very easy going and should produce pups that are great with kids.

Breeding: October/November

Due Date: December/January

Go Home: February/March

Accepting Reservations

Why Trust Us for Family Raised Dogs in PA

When browsing for Labradoodle puppy litters online, we know that it can be tough to trust a source based on photos alone. As a reputable foundation for home-raised Australian Labradoodles, we want you to feel totally confident when working with us!

Sugar Plum Australian Labradoodles is a locally based, family-owned business that is committed to providing family-raised dogs to people everywhere. Since our beginning, we’ve been focused on performing extensive health testing and temperament assessments on each of our breeding Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles before selecting them to produce our adorable puppies. We take the time to tend to the needs of our family-raised dogs individually in order to help them fully develop before going to their forever homes. Needless to say, our Labradoodle puppy litters are part of our family…until they go home to yours! Reserve your new Australian Labradoodle online today!


Accepting Reservations

Hypoallergenic Labradoodle Puppy Litters

Whether it’s a personal preference or an allergy to be mindful of, there are lots of reasons to choose a hypoallergenic pet! All the home-raised Australian Labradoodles from our family are non-shedding, hypoallergenic, kid-friendly, fully vaccinated puppies. If you’re interested in learning more about our available upcoming litters or the Australian Labradoodle breed, reach out to us today!

Reserve Your Puppy from an Upcoming Litter Today!

After our puppies are born, you can find updated litter photos and availability on our puppies page – so check back often! If you have any questions regarding our family-raised dogs, upcoming litter, or our family, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to helping you add the perfect furry friend to your family!